Welcome to "What is it Katy?".

Katy is on a train journey to a not-so-far-off destination, you have limited time to speak with her before her stop. What will you ask Katy? An experimental comic removed from anything I normally do that requires maximum audience participation to find out Katy's story.

What is it Katy? ending

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to make a quick news post to say the ending has been decided! I'm in the process of drawing it, and it will take a bit longer than expected, as it is a whopping ten pages long! Sorry for the delay, it'll be up sometime in the next week, please hang tight! :D

Thank you so much again everyone for participating in Katy's story! Please help the IndieGoGo campaign for it if you can: http://www.indiegogo.com/What-is-it-Katy?a=342248 The full book will contain an epilogue, which is longer still at 12 pages, and in colour!

See you soon for the finale of Katy's story.


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